Celta Vigo DLS Kits 2021 – Dream League Soccer 2021 Kits & Logo

Get the latest Celta Vigo DLS Kits 2021. Celta Vigo is a very popular football club in Spain. It is also one of the best clubs in Spain. Celta Vigo is a very well known Soccer club in La Liga. Celta Vigo wins many La Liga championships. It is one of the oldest football clubs based in Vigo, Galicia, Spain who first join the professional leagues. Celta Vigo has a very awesome La Liga Kits.

Celta Vigo DLS Kits 2021

This club was found on 23rd August 1923. The nickname of the club is Celestes the meaning of this word is (The Sky Blues). The President’s name for the club is Carlos Mouriño. Everyone is a big fan of Celta Vigo who plays dream league soccer and wants to customize the kit of Celta Vigo football club. You can download the customized kits of Celta Vigo dream league soccer kits 512×512 URLDream League Soccer kits 2021 of Celta Vigo is unique and attractive. The Celta Vigo logo is very stylish. There are 3 types of kits home, away, and the third kit.

Celta Vigo Home Kit:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/8mBqGuu.png

Celta Vigo DLS Kits Logo

The home kit of Celta Vigo is sky blue color with red stripes. There is a logo of Adidas because Adidas is currently manufacturing the kit of the Celta Vigo Home Kit 512×512. The logo of Estrella Galicia is also in the kit because Estrella Galicia is their official sponsors.

Celta Vigo Away Kit:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/OZJwcUI.png

Celta Vigo dls away kit 2021

Away kit is a mixture of blue color with sky strips. The team wears away kit when they are not playing the match on their home ground.

Celta Vigo Third Kit:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/mB8YcvY.png

Celta Vigo dls third kit 2021

Celta Vigo Goalkeeper Home Kit:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/f075cXf.png

Celta Vigo dls gk home kit 2021

The goalkeeper kit is always different from the whole team. Goalkeeper Home kit is a dark black color with white stripes and a logo on it.

Celta Vigo Goalkeeper Away Kit:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/6TX7Zw8.png

Celta Vigo dls gk away kit 2021

The goalkeeper kit is always different from the whole team. Goalkeeper Away kit is the red color with white stripes and a logo on it.

Celta Vigo Logo 512×512 URL – Dream League Soccer Kits And Logos


Celta Vigo Logo:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/BY5Nkcm.png

celta vigo logo url 512x512

Get the Celta Vigo Logo 512×512 URL. You can also get other teams Dream League Soccer Kits And Logos and change kits and logos very easily. Celta Vigo has very beautiful La Liga kits. Celta Vigo logo size is 512×512. There is a sword in the logo. The logo is simple but attractive

Celta Vigo Dls Logo:

Celta Vigo has a crown in the logo. The pink cross is also a part of the logo. Two more colors are used in the logo. The center of the logo has a design with white and blue color.

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