Fifa World Cup 2022 Schedule Australia Time

As football fans, we all are excited and waiting for the Fifa world cup 22 schedule in our local time. It’s hard to get Qatar world cup schedule in your local time. Don’t worry we have designed Fifa World Cup 2022 Schedule Australia Time in numerous formats. You can easily download the world cup 2022 schedule from the download buttons given below. We have made it so simple and easy, you just have to click on the buttons given below and you will get a downloadable file of the Fifa world cup schedule. I am very happy that your favorite team has confirmed its ticket to Qatar and I hope your favorite team will win the world cup.

Fifa World Cup 2022 Schedule Australia Time

Fifa World Cup 2022 Schedule Australia Time

The Football world cup whistle will blow in Qatar’s capital on 20th November 2022 however Australia will face France in its first game on 23rd November 2022. Australia is part of group D along with France, Denmark, and Tunisia. Australia is one of the favorite teams of this group that has a high chance to qualify for the next round. Australia will face Denmark in its last group match. If Australia wins 2 out of 3 matches then it will definitely qualify for the knockout round.

Match No.HomeAwayDateAustralia TimeVenueGroup
8FranceAustralia23-Nov6:00 AMAl JanoubD
21TunisiaAustralia26-Nov9:00 PMAl JanoubD
38AustraliaDenmark1-Dec2:00 AMAl JanoubD

Fifa 22 World Cup Group Schedule

Fifa makes 8 groups for the Fifa world cup 2022 schedule. Every group has 4 teams in it. The name of groups is based on the English alphabet from A to H. The FIFA World cup 2022 Time Table is basically divided into 2 stages. The first stage is based on the group matches and the second stage is based on the knockout matches. 48 matches will be played on the group stage. Every team will play 3 matches in the group stage. The top 2 teams of every group will play in the knockout stage.

Group Matches

Match No.HomeAwayDateAustralia TimeVenueGroup
1QatarEcuador21-Nov3:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumA
2EnglandIran22-Nov12:00 AMKhalifa InternationalB
3SenegalNetherlands22-Nov3:00 AMAl ThumamaA
4United StatesWales22-Nov6:00 AMAhmad Bin AliB
5ArgentinaSaudi Arabia22-Nov9:00 PMLusail StadiumC
6DenmarkTunisia23-Nov12:00 AMEducation CityD
7MexicoPoland23-Nov3:00 AMStadium 974C
8FranceAustralia23-Nov6:00 AMAl JanoubD
9MoroccoCroatia23-Nov9:00 PMAl Bayt StadiumF
10GermanyJapan24-Nov12:00 AMKhalifa InternationalE
11SpainCosta Rica24-Nov3:00 AMAl ThumamaE
12BelgiumCanada24-Nov6:00 AMAhmad Bin AliF
13SwitzerlandCameroon24-Nov9:00 PMAl JanoubG
14UruguaySouth Korea25-Nov12:00 AMEducation CityH
15PortugalGhana25-Nov3:00 AMStadium 974H
16BrazilSerbia25-Nov6:00 AMLusail StadiumG
17WalesIran25-Nov9:00 PMAhmad Bin AliB
18QatarSenegal26-Nov12:00 AMAl ThumamaA
19NetherlandsEcuador26-Nov3:00 AMKhalifa InternationalA
20EnglandUnited States26-Nov6:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumB
21TunisiaAustralia26-Nov9:00 PMAl JanoubD
22PolandSaudi Arabia27-Nov12:00 AMEducation CityC
23FranceDenmark27-Nov3:00 AMStadium 974D
24ArgentinaMexico27-Nov6:00 AMLusail StadiumC
25JapanCosta Rica27-Nov9:00 PMAhmad Bin AliE
26BelgiumMorocco28-Nov12:00 AMAl ThumamaF
27CroatiaCanada28-Nov3:00 AMKhalifa InternationalF
28SpainGermany28-Nov6:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumE
29CameroonSerbia28-Nov9:00 PMAl JanoubG
30South KoreaGhana29-Nov12:00 AMEducation CityH
31BrazilSwitzerland29-Nov3:00 AMStadium 974G
32PortugalUruguay29-Nov6:00 AMLusail StadiumH
33EcuadorSenegal30-Nov2:00 AMKhalifa InternationalA
34NetherlandsQatar30-Nov2:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumA
35IranUnited States30-Nov6:00 AMAl ThumamaB
36WalesEngland30-Nov6:00 AMAhmad Bin AliB
37TunisiaFrance1-Dec2:00 AMEducation CityD
38AustraliaDenmark1-Dec2:00 AMAl JanoubD
39PolandArgentina1-Dec6:00 AMStadium 974C
40Saudi ArabiaMexico1-Dec6:00 AMLusail StadiumC
41CroatiaBelgium2-Dec2:00 AMAhmad Bin AliF
42CanadaMorocco2-Dec2:00 AMAl ThumamaF
43JapanSpain2-Dec6:00 AMKhalifa InternationalE
44Costa RicaGermany2-Dec6:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumE
45South KoreaPortugal3-Dec2:00 AMEducation CityH
46GhanaUruguay3-Dec2:00 AMAl JanoubH
47SerbiaSwitzerland3-Dec6:00 AMStadium 974G
48CameroonBrazil3-Dec6:00 AMLusail StadiumG

Pre Quarter Finals

The knockout stage has some more stages like Pre-quarterfinals, Quarter finals, semi-finals, and final. In this stage, you don’t have a second chance if any team loses any match then that team will be out of the world cup. That’s why this is the most crucial stage of the tournament for every team.

Match No.HomeAwayDateAustralia TimeVenueGroup
491A2B4-Dec2:00 AMKhalifa InternationalPre Q. Final
501C2D4-Dec6:00 AMAhmad Bin AliPre Q. Final
511D2C5-Dec2:00 AMAl ThumamaPre Q. Final
521B2A5-Dec6:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumPre Q. Final
531E2F6-Dec2:00 AMAl JanoubPre Q. Final
541G2H6-Dec6:00 AMStadium 974Pre Q. Final
551F2E7-Dec2:00 AMEducation CityPre Q. Final
561H2G7-Dec6:00 AMLusail StadiumPre Q. Final

Quarter Finals

Match No.HomeAwayDateAustralia TimeVenueGroup
57W53W5410-Dec2:00 AMEducation CityQuarter Final
58W49W5010-Dec6:00 AMLusail StadiumQuarter Final
59W55W5611-Dec2:00 AMAl ThumamaQuarter Final
60W51W5211-Dec6:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumQuarter Final

Semi Finals

Match No.HomeAwayDateAustralia TimeVenueGroup
61W57W5814-Dec6:00 AMLusail StadiumSemi Final
62W59W6015-Dec6:00 AMAl Bayt StadiumSemi Final

Third Position

Match No.HomeAwayDateAustralia TimeVenueGroup
63L61L6218-Dec2:00 AMKhalifa International3rd Place

The Finale

Match No.HomeAwayDateAustralia TimeVenueGroup
64W61W6219-Dec2:00 AMLusail StadiumGrand Finale

Time Zone Difference Between Qatar And Australia

Doha is the capital of Qatar which is why for the Qatar world cup 2022 schedule we compare other country’s time zone with Doha’s local time zone. Qatar uses UTC+03:00 time zone. Australia uses the UTC+10:00 time zone. There are 8 hours time difference between the capital of Qatar Doha and the Capital of Australia Canberra time.

Fifa World Cup 2022 Schedule PDF Australia Time Free Download

Keeping the Football cup 22 pdf on your device is so easy that’s why many users want the Football world cup schedule pdf file because its size is very small. You can easily download the Fifa world cup fixture PDF by clicking on the link given below.

Australia Schedule Soccer World Cup 2022 Excel Download

It’s easy to edit excel files that’s why we have created an excel file for the soccer world cup. You can easily customize this file according to your own needs.

Fifa 22 World Cup Schedule Picture

Download soccer world cup 2022 schedule image in jpeg format. This is not just a schedule image it is like Fifa world cup schedule infographic that will explain everything about the world cup.

Fifa World Cup 2022 Fixture

Fifa Cup 2022 Fixture Calendar

Calendars are convenient especially when it’s a sports event that’s why you should try the football world cup calendar.

Football World Cup 22 Bracket

The Fifa world cup bracket makes it easy to understand the soccer world cup. The bracket will help you to get the latest information about the current position of the tournament and what team has qualified for the next round.

Final Words

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