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Manchester United Kits 2017/2018 Dream League Soccer – Manchester United DLS 2018 Kits

Manchester United Kits 2017/2018 Dream League Soccer – Manchester United DLS 2018 Kits



Get the latest Manchester United Kits 2017/2018 Dream League SoccerManchester United DLS 2018 Kits. Manchester United is a very popular professional soccer club in England. MU is a very well knows Soccer club of Premier League. Nickname of Manchester United is red devils. The short name of Manchester United is MUFC. Manchester United wins many Premier League championships. It is one of the oldest football club in south England the age of MUFC is 139 years. This club was found in 1878. Everyone is a big fan of MUFC who plays dream league soccer and wants to customize the kit of Manchester United football club. Manchester United has a very awesome Premier League Kits. You can download the customized kits of Manchester United dream league soccer kits 512×512 urls. Dream League Soccer kits 2018 Manchester United is unique and attractive. There are 3 types of kits home, away and the third kit.

Manchester United Home Kit:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/Dmf5jgL.png

manchester united home kit 2017-2018

The home kit of MUFC is dark red and dark black. There is a logo of Adidas and Premier League on the Arsenal Home Kit 512×512. Logo of Chevrolet is also in the kit because Chevrolet is there official sponsors.

Manchester United Away Kit:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/iH9uOvC.png

manchester united away kit 2017-2018
Away kit is a mixture of light black and dark black. The team has to wears away kit when they are playing on the opposition ground.

Manchester United Third Kit:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/qI7hgBv.png
manchester united third kit 2017-2018

The third kit has light colors with logos of sponsors. You can download MU dream league soccer kits 512×512 URL.

Manchester United Goalkeeper Home kit:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/SRGFo9A.pngmanchester united goalkeeper home kit 2017-2018

Goalkeeper kits are always different from the whole team. Goalkeeper kit is the mixture of light and dark colors logo on it.

Manchester United GoalKeeper Away Kit:

URL: https://i.imgur.com/kR5folt.png

manchester united away kit 2017-2018

GoalKeeper Away kit of Manchester United dream league soccer 2018 is very beautiful. Away kit has light green color.

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